Welcome to Blackstone Secondary

Assalamu ‘alaykum,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Blackstone Secondary, the school where the true value of education is seen in liberating the mind and nurturing the soul. We believe the primary purpose of education is not economical. It never was, and it never should be. We were created to worship God. To know him. For us, the first purpose of education is ethical. True education thus facilitates the path to knowing god, to knowing our place and purpose in this world. It liberates the mind from the confines of the lower self, allowing a consciousness to develop and think independently of base desires. A liberal education equips the student with the tools of learning and teaches him how to think and not what to think. At Blackstone, we want our students to be independent, original, and creative thinkers. We want them to be confident individuals who can make sense of the world they live in. We want our students to be compassionate and active citizens who contribute to their societies and live religious, healthy, and spiritually fulfilling lives.

Schools in this country have long been teaching our children what I would like to call, the myth of the education equation: good grades = a good job. We are taught to  do well in school in order to get a good job, to get ahead in life, and be successful. A success that is measured by tests, grades, qualifications, jobs, and salaries, in which the fundamental purpose of education is all but lost. The obsession with these has largely compromised intellectual curiosity, meaningful discourse, and independent thinking in our schools. At Blackstone, we want to measure the quality of learning and success beyond test results, qualifications, grading by Ofsted, and listings on league tables. We want to measure it by the values we would like to inspire in all our students; of intelligence and independence, integrity and justice; of compassion and character, curiosity and creativeness; of skill and craftsmanship, and ultimately of profound knowledge and wisdom.

At the heart of our vision and philosophy is Islam. We are inspired by the timeless teachings of the noble Quran and prophetic precedents. Ours is a specialist Islamic sciences school where students will gain a grounding in the rich intellectual tradition of Islam with an appreciation of the great western tradition and an ability to contextualise their learning in the current cultural and scholarly discourse. Our aim is to educate and prepare our students to become independent thinkers, intellectual scholars, and spiritual leaders who are deeply rooted in tradition yet wholly conversant with the modern world.

Thank you for visiting our site. Do come and see us. We will be more than happy to welcome you again!

Siddiqur Rahman Ali Munshi