The Blackstone curriculum can be seen in its widest sense as the entire planned learning experience. This includes formal lessons, as well as learning that takes place outside of the classroom. It has been created to develop independent thinkers with a passion for learning. The curriculum, both within taught lessons and without, seeks to create an environment where free thinking, independent inquiry, team work and creativity are encouraged.

As an independent school, we have decided to base our curriculum on the liberal arts – in particular the trivium. The reason for doing so is ultimately to give each pupil the tools of learning, and initiate them into a life of continuous learning. We have chosen to move away from the national curriculum which is conventionally used in schools, as we believe it to be unconducive to a student’s learning and unfulfilling to the true purpose of education. The Blackstone curriculum has been designed with a view to nurture the next generation of competent imams, spiritual leaders and academic scholars of the Qur’an and other Islamic sacred scriptures, who are well-versed in both Western and Islamic traditions. The curriculum therefore has a particular emphasis on teaching grammar, logic and rhetoric, which are the arts of communication, that govern the means of communication – namely reading, writing, speaking and listening. Thinking is inherent in these four activities; and is a tool necessary in approaching all other subjects. The trivium will be taught through four strands of learning: humanities, sciences, creative and physical education, and foundation alimiyyah.